Trust In Macbeth

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Trust is what makes the world go round. Without trust, people wouldn’t know how to live. Sometimes trust can cause a person’s downfall. In Macbeth, trust fools plenty of citizens in Scotland. Although some people may become skeptical too quickly, people should be careful who they trust because people can have bad intentions and betray each other no matter what. The intentions of those who have gained trust can be unclear. Some people gain trust in hopes of doing something bad undetected. In Macbeth, King Duncan goes to dinner in the Macbeth household and claims Lady Macbeth as a “Fair and noble hostess” (1.6.30). This is ironic because Lady Macbeth has a large part in King Duncan’s death. King Duncan believes that the Macbeth’s are treating …show more content…

If people are too careful with their trust, paranoia will make good people look bad. Malcolm, the Prince of Cumberland in Macbeth, runs away to England after hearing of his father’s death. This action sparks distrust towards them as Macduff says “Malcolm and Donalbain, the king’s two sons,/Are stol’n away and fled, which puts upon them/ Suspicion of the deed” (2.4.25-27). Later on, it is learned that Malcolm has found help in England to overthrow Macbeth. In fact, after testing Macduff’s loyalty to Scotland, the audience knows that Malcolm hasn’t even lied before as he states “No less in truth than life. My first false speaking/Was this upon myself. What I am truly,/ Is thine and my poor country’s to command./ Whither indeed, before thy here-approach,/ Old Siward, with ten thousand warlike men” (4.3.132-136). This, of course, shows that Malcolm was a good and noble man in which no one truly needed to doubt. Even in this situation though, Malcolm was wary of Macduff. Being suspicious actually helped both Malcolm and Macduff into seeing the clearer picture. A fairly old case has also been solved due to lack of trust also. “Jack Daniel McCullough, a 75-year-old military veteran and former police officer from Seattle, was convicted in 2012 of the abduction and murder of Maria Ridulph.... A judge hearing the case without a jury found McCullough guilty after a weeklong trial” (O’Neill). Jack McCullough wouldn’t be free if it weren’t for Richard Schmack’s, the state attorney, skepticism of the case. Both had reasonable suspicion and that suspicion led to uncovering new details. Don't take mistake careful trust for not trusting anyone at

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