Is Trust Important In Relationships

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Any and every relationship is built off of a few key elements, loyalty, responsibility, hard work, but most importantly trust. Trust shows the way to stay true and honest with others. With the element of trust, everyone can take a step forward in any position within a relationship. Trust is a key importance in sports, games, and any other relationship with another person. With the input of trust, other contributing factors can be built off of it to build a stronger relationship. Trust is a key component in any sport; for example, in football, the quarterback has to trust his lineman, his receivers, and his running back, that they will help him to not get hit and to help him win them the game. Trust is also a major key in relationships with friends and with a significant other. In a relationship, one person must trust the other because they could be put in a situation where they need to rely on one another. With trust being a very strong base, strength and the component of loyalty will be added to any relationship. In my own life, I have seen and experienced how much trust can positively impact a relationship. I have …show more content…

If there is no trust in a relationship, it can easily be taken advantage of or misinterpreted. As easily as a relationship can be built on trust, it can be torn down by a lack of it. I have seen relationships of some people around me fall because of a misunderstanding in trust. To avoid this, I recommend taking the time to really know someone so that both people get the chance to truly understand each other and learn what it takes to trust one another. Without trust, any relation will soon begin to fall apart. Trust is extremely vital because it allows more freedom and range in communication. If you were in a relationship without trust, how healthy do you think it would be and how long do you think it would

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