The Great Gatsby Initial Trust Analysis

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Trust is very important in relationships. It is the basis for relationships. It influences what you think about others. When just beginning a relationship there is a lot of initial trust. In The Great Gatsby the beginning tells of Gatsby, and how he is shrouded in mystery and gossip. “ ‘I don’t think it’s so much that,’ argued Lucille sceptically; ‘it’s more that he was a German spy during the war.’ ” This is just one example that people give about what they think about Gatsby. The initial trust that a character like Nick puts into these ideas effects his view of Gatsby and his initial distant relationship with him.
Love in L.A. shows this initial trust as well. Jake attempts to persuade Mariana with his words so she doesn’t file the accident and he does this through playing with Marianas romantic side, he compliments her along with other remarks. Mariana doesn’t know Jake very well or even if his name is actually Jake, she puts a lot of initial trust in him. Jakes persuasion works well, “Jake was confused about how to proceed with this. So much seemed so unlikely, but there was always possibility.” What …show more content…

Near the beginning of The Great Gatsby Nick assumes these ideas that he has heard about Gatsby, he puts his initial trust into the ideas of others. As the novel goes on though and Nick meets Gatsby he learns much about the true character of Gatsby and his trust in Gatsby evolves. This is exemplified in the New Great Gatsby Movie during the scene where Nick is at Gatsby’s funeral and no one shows up except him. Nick was the only one who was brave enough to actually interact with Gatsby even with all of his preconceived notions of the man. This bravery and trust allowed for these notions to be tested and that gave Nick an even more trusting relationship with Gatsby. He could see and understand what Gatsby was feeling in his life and allowed for both Gatsby and Nick to influence each other’s

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