Good And Evil In Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

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Jekyll and Hyde TCEA In the novella The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, the predominant archetypal theme is “good and evil exist in all humans, and we live our lives struggling with these two forces.” This theme describes the duality of good and evil in Dr. Jekyll—the good being Jekyll and bad being Hyde— and the struggle he has with both sides fighting for dominance within himself. The emotional mindset and the physical attributes of Jekyll and Hyde show the good and evil within themselves. The good in Dr. Jekyll, and evil in Mr. Hyde are both trying to overpower each other. Mr. Enfield describes to Mr. Utterson as to what he saw: "Well, sir, the two ran into one another naturally enough at the corner; …show more content…

Jekyll’s physical appearance is described as a: “a large, well-made, smooth-faced man of fifty, with something of a slyish cast perhaps, but every mark of capacity and kindness, large handsome face” (12-13). Jekyll is tall and built: tying in to his stature in his community. He is also referenced as smooth-faced, just as everyone sees his personality—smooth and put together. The way the author described Jekyll was perfectly fitting to the good he represented. Mr. Hyde’s physical appearance however, was vastly different from Dr. Jekyll. Hyde’s physical factors were: “pale and dwarfish; he gave an impression of deformity without any namable malformation, he had a displeasing smile, he had borne himself to the lawyer with a sort of murderous mixture of timidity and boldness, and he spoke with a husky whispering somewhat broken voice” (10). Jekyll is large while Hyde is small in stature, because of Hyde’s ethics being lower than of Jekyll’s. Hyde is also smaller because he is suppressed; he is hidden and shameful to Jekyll’s moral value. Hyde is described as “deformed” and has a “broken” voice. A voice is used to be heard by all; it is your projection onto the world. Taking this into account, Hyde’s projection onto the world is broken, ugly and warped: just as his voice is. He looks deformed without any real malformations, just as the evil inside of him deforms his

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