Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Fog Analysis

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In the novella of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Stevenson uses the backdrop of utter darkness and fog in almost every scene to allude to the uncertainty, compulsiveness, and hidden mysterious that are in every aspect of human nature, demonstrated through the complex character that is Mr Hyde. The evilness that Stevenson believed every human possessed was thoroughly exemplified through Hydes actions in the story whether the reader noticed it or not. Symbolized through setting, the complete darkness was the uncertainty of Hydes physical appearance to who ever he encountered. Although his victims could feel his brutal cruelness through the vibe let out through those certain characters opposing senses besides sight. Fog was the uncertainty that goes …show more content…

By using the constant backdrop of night time to keep the reader on their toes about how Mr Hydes physical attributes matched his cold heart. The darkness symbolized the indescribable feeling he left people and how every person he came into contact with was not able to describe his face besides his general deformity he suffered from. The fog was the the "id" or for another word hidden evil deep within in every human and the unexplainable impulses Hyde had to ignore every type of moral sense. His nature reaction to everything ignored the value and respect for other people and their lives causing him to lash out and even kill without any sense of what he was doing was completely wrong. Stevenson captured these indirect lessons through symbolization in the text. In the novella of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, the night time and fog backdrop wherever Edward Hyde showed himself suggested to the alluding of Hydes indescribable physical attributes along with his strong impulses that goes on deep in the human mind, shown through his out lashes on his victims, from his lack of morals and sense of ego and

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