Personal Narrative: The Bundrens

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Why has He forsaken me so? I cannot handle it anymore. For the past few weeks Satan himself has eaten me alive from the inside. I have prayed to Him so much, and I thought He would free me of all of this internal combat between Satan and me, but this time Satan has prevailed over me.
I believe the Bundrens are now in Jefferson burying Addie, according to her wishes. As I continue on the road to Jefferson, I hopefully run into them and catch them at the right time. With His will behind me to the fullest strength, I can repair this already broken family and I can finally achieve the clearance of my mind that I have been desiring for so many years.
The forgiveness that I thought that was mine was stripped by Him a few days after I thought that …show more content…

But something that I have noticed is that when I got up to take peoples dishes, I looked under the table when I got over to Cash and I saw his leg outstretched under the table. When I went to take another glance I saw the blackness of his foot under the table and how there was some grey substance still stuck to it like glue. This family needs the grace of God to replenish them back to the normal family that I once knew. I need to tell them now or I will never bring myself to do it ever again. I need everyone in this house to be at …show more content…

I will tell you all when I come out,” I say as I lean into the dining room to address them all.
“Hurry up we don't have all night, we need to get back on the road so we can back to our home and recover from all of this madness,” Anse said.
“I won't be more than a minute,” I say in response.
As I walk to the washroom to buy time to think about what I am going to say, I look to Him for advice. Please God, help me in this time of need where I need more of your strength then I ever need before. I open the door to the washroom and I hear no chatter from the dining room at all just dead silence. As I walk in I call again saying “please I need all of you for this moment. This will change my entire life in either a good or terrible way. All I need from you is for it to go the right way.”
“Quite a few years back, I met your mother Addie Bundren and instantly we connected. There was this fire that we both shared, and it was a true feeling of love from both sides,” I said.
Anse couldn’t believe what I was telling him, and nor could the rest of his family.
“After seeing each other for a little while she got pregnant, and from there on we parted ways because of you,” I said to

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