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It was a late and rainy October night. Three kids at the age of 10 wanted to go on a journey to Ash Forest. They told their parents that they were having a sleepover that night. They left after the parents were asleep at 12:00am. When they arrived at Ash Forest, a loud whistling sound with strong wind came from the trees. One of the boys wanted to turn back but the other two were determined. They walked for an hour to find nothing but an abandoned cabin and two tombstones. The loud whistling sound came back but with much more wind. The next morning the parents woke up with the kids to never return.

2. Write a paragraph describing a happy place.
The mother of two boys was always cranky in the morning. Her children would try everything to calm …show more content…

Write a paragraph describing a chaotic place.
You would like to envision that you're driving up the coast of California in a nice red convertible, but no your in 5:00pm rush hour after work trying to get home! Nothing is worse than cars riding up your rear trying make more room for themselves. It seems that you would never make it home with the constant honking at each other and people yelling because they can't get anywhere. When you arrive home all that is on your mind is how you're going to go to your boring job again and deal with the same chaos that is on the road.

4. Write a paragraph describing a desolate place.
A boy named Isaiah was very excited to go on a trip from Texas to Arizona. He thought it would be a trip of a lifetime, but he didn't know what troubles were to come. The family started their trip in the early morning hours with no cars in sight. Isaiah slept most of the morning, only to awaken to a desolate desert! He doesn't know where he is and what direction to head. The savage Vultures were the only thing to be seen except the flat desert plain. The heat felt like it was rising to 200 degrees with the sun scorching on his body. He passed out on the flat desert ground, to awaken again realizing it was only a

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