A Hero's Journey

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“Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun I know when that hotline bling”, my music blasted through my beats as I sat Down in class while the other kids screamed. “JALIYAH”, the kids screamed!” WHAT DO YOU WANT”, I Yelled back angrily “Get your stuff packed we’re about to leave this death trap. I looked at the clock as the hand hit 8:45 “thank Jesus we’re finally leaving this place”! I jumped Up with Joy finally realizing what she just said.” Everybody find who you’re going to sit with for the Entire trip“, “I GOT ALAYSIA, I GOT JALIYAH”, we both screamed then eventually we headed to the bus. As we headed to the bus we stood by our friends to make sure we all sat together. And of course we Did, we Were all soooo happy that we all went into the bus at one …show more content…

We rushed to the hills quickly and took pictures before anybody Else could beat us to the inside of the place. “Time to go down into the cave “, said the tour guide. We Picked our partners and went down deep into the cave. While going down we were scared because we Thought we were going to get stuck and have no way out because we were 3 miles down into the cave. We got to the actual cave and took pictures then met with everybody else. “You guys can go get Something to eat “, said our tour guide. We were so hungry we fell out the elevator trying to Get our food. Also we didn’t know the people were standing in front of the elevator so when we fell out Everybody was laughing including the teachers. We got up and headed to the bus afterward to go to the Aquarium. Up coming events 34 minutes later………………………. What I’ve been waiting for we finally arrived at the aquarium and I couldn’t wait. I was So excited to see. All the animals especially the penguins. So when we got there I got Packed and ran out the door anxious .And impatiently waiting on the tour guide to speak to our group. “Girls you are dismissed, have fun”, She said. I ran into the place and saw a bunch of amazing

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