Research Paper On Hero's Journey

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Amyann Albritton Hero’s journey 1/2period One day during summer break on a very hot and steamy day a girl was running through a field when there lay an arrow in the grass telling her to go towards the forbidden place. She refuses to go and turns in the other direction and goes home, though fear and curiosity were bubbling inside of her. Well for the past two weeks she has been thinking of going and she went to start the journey. When she got there she starts walking were the arrows lead her. She walks into a dark and deem forest were vines lay other the forest .so, she keeps walking forward trying to see were the arrows are telling her to go. She goes toward a lake. When she gets there she sees a familiar face in there but she knows that…show more content…
So she quietly took a step back and think of a way out but when she did she stepped on a stick and cracked it. The serpent got up and started to yawn. It suddenly stopped and looked at her with fiery red eyes. She panicked an ran through a door that just appeared in the sand, with the serpent hot on her trail. She took another tunnel and it lead outside so she got a vine and started to climb it and held to the tree. She had been up there so long night had fallen. When dawn had awoken she awoke and looked at her surroundings. She got down and agin amusly with the arrows. She finally came to a fork in the road. She pondered for a while so she took the right. She saw a bright light so she went to it. A voice was saying “face the serpent kill the serpent and bring back the head or shall you never see your house agin. So the light was the shining coming off a sword. She took it and ran as fast as she could. She came to the cave. Thinking I can’t do this she fell agin
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