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In The Giver by Lois Lowry, the main character, Jonas, can undoubtedly be considered a hero. Jonas’ actions throughout The Giver are a quality example of the archetypal pattern of the Hero’s journey, and to depict this I used a variety of text, illustration, and color throughout my graphic novel. Jonas undergoes all three stages of the hero’s journey throughout the novel. He experiences the first step in this journey, the call to adventure, when he is selected to be the Receiver of Memory. Jonas, like most archetypal heroes during this step, notes that he believes that his life will change due to this call to a mysterious adventure. “He did not know what he was to become. Or what would become of him.” (Lowry, 81) Following the announcement that Jonas will be the next receiver of memory, he moves to the next step in the hero’s journey: refusal of the call. Jonas becomes afraid and apprehensive about this assignment. Jonas even thinks of refusing this call. “Now was the moment he would have to confess, to say, “No I don’t, I can’t,” and throw himself on their mercy, ask their forgiveness, to explain that he had been wrongly chosen, that he was not the right one at all.” (Lowry, 80). The next step in Jonas’ …show more content…

I chose my illustrations carefully to show exactly how Jonas felt at certain points in his journey. I was able to make each panel unique to show the different steps. The color varies in each panel to show how Jonas changed throughout the novel. The choice of text shows Jonas’ journey and how this fits the archetypal hero’s journey. In conclusion, Jonas’ experiences in The Giver fit the hero’s journey archetype, and I was able to display this through my choice of text, illustration, and color. Jonas goes through all the archetypal steps to become a hero. He goes through trials, love, and in the end the ultimate boon, where the goal of his journey, or quest, is

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