Qualities Of A Hero Essay

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A hero exhibits many qualities. Responsibility, bravery, and loyalty are just a few on many qualities that can be found in heroes. But to me, some of the most important qualities a hero needs are recognizing one's flaws and weaknesses, listening to others, and selflessness. With recognizing one's flaws and weaknesses, a person, a hero, can learn what they need to do to better themselves. They know the limit of their abilities and can work to improve themselves. Or, they can rely on people who can make up for their own weaknesses. It shows growth when a hero can do this. By overcoming such things, the hero can grow in their abilities and can become better at helping others. Listening to others is being able to take on note other's opinions and be willing to act on them. In doing this, a hero could achieve more as sometimes, other people do have better ideas or know what to do or just have a better overall grasp of a situation. A hero needs to know when to …show more content…

He completes his goal to be remembered in the minds of his people through his slaying of Humbaba and the Bull of Heaven. But, he loses his close companion Enkidu and his chance at a restored youth. He goes from being someone who throws his weight around and uses his strength to take what he wants to someone who is respected and revered as a hero by the people of his town. However, I do not see him to be a hero. Yes, he changes for the better and completes heroic acts along the way, but many things he does are done to help improve his reputation or used to show off. He is unwilling to admit a weakness, not acknowledging fear until facing the monster. But, Gilgamesh does have moments of selflessness. He completes what Campbell would call the hero's journey and comes out a better person. However, I do not find enough of the qualities that I look for in a hero in Gilgamesh. I find his motives to be selfish at their core. I cannot call him a

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