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Every hero archetype has to experience the journey. James Campbell, a scholar who studied mythology across the world defines archetypes as people such as a mother figure, a father figure, a hero, a maiden,or a trickster. A hero is a person who has curiosity, humility, and is courageous.In addition, a hero goes out of their way to reach their goal, even if that means putting their life on the line for others or for a set accomplishment. Furthermore, the hero archetype must experience the three stages of the Hero’s Journey which includes The Departure, The Initiation, and The Return. The first stage of the Hero’s Journey is, the three stepped Departure. One of the three steps of the Departure is The Call to Adventure, in this stage the hero …show more content…

At first the hero may willingly accept The Call to Adventure but, second thoughts may occur during this step. The last step of The Departure is The Beginning of the Adventure. In this step the hero begins the adventure, which means leaving the known limits of their life and venturing into a world that is dangerous and unknown to them. Moreover, The Departure stage is well represented in the film “Big Hero 6” by Disney Animation and the short story “The Drummer Boy of Shiloh” by Ray Bradbury. First off, the film “Big Hero 6” by Disney Animation follows the three steps perfectly. Notably, a 14 year old boy named Hiro,or the future hero, is participating in illegal Bot Fighting. Hiro’s older brother Tadashi tries to redirect Hiro from Bot Fighting to joining a program at his college. At the beginning of this transition, Tadashi passes away when trying to save his professor, Professor Callaghan, from a burning building as shown in the film. This is the first step, The Call to Adventure, of the Hero’s Journey for the film “Big Hero 6”. As expressed in the citation, the hero’s life was introduced then the hero faced a challenge or problem. In this case, the challenge or problem was Hiro’s

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