Hercules Hero's Journey

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What is needed to become a hero? The movie Hercules is about a special guy that lives in a ordinary world. Hercules is trying to find out where he belongs. Once he finds out Hercules needs to prove himself that he is a true hero. In Hercules journey stages are Departure, Initiative, and the Return
In the departure phase of a hero’s journey, as outlined by Joseph Campbell, a hero will question the world he or she lives in because he or she is different. Almost in most journeys of a hero there will be some sort of a call of adventure, or a reason from leaving, which a hero will sometimes deny, and sometimes accept. In Hercules case he is different from the ordinary world. Hercules is extraordinary strong. He gets called a freak and doesn’t …show more content…

This part of a hero’s journey is the toughest phase. In the hero’s journey he or she will go to an unfamiliar world that he or she has not experienced before. Along the way the he/ or she will met people who will help them with the hero’s challenge, or someone or something that will try to stop him/her. The hero would have to face tests and supreme ordeals to become a true hero. Hercules goes through this phase by entering an unknown world called Mount Olympus. Hercules meets Phil his mentor who helps him become a hero. When there is something good there is always bad. For example Hercules Faces people who try to challenge him. Like Hades, Panic, Pain, and Meg. Hercules restored Mount Olympus by fighting off the Titans.
During the return phase is where the hero gets to go home & gets a reward, after he or she has restored the world. Once he/ or she is a professional at saving his world he is now a true hero. Hercules becomes a true hero by restoring Mt. Olympus. His reward was to become immortal aka a God!!! Hercules becomes the master of restoring by saving Mt. Olympus and the Gods. He becomes hero of all hero’s.
Being a hero is hard work! First the hero must accept his/or her calling to become a hero. After that he/ or she goes into a world unknown and try to fix it. Final thing after all the work is accomplished the hero gets to return home. In a hero’s journey stages are Departure, initiation, and Return phases of a hero’s life.

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