Jason: A Comparison Of The Greek Hero In Greek Mythology

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Mythology is a collection of myths and stories belonging to a particular belief system or cultural tradition. Even though there are a variety of different myths taught around the world, Greek mythologies are more famously known for their fruitful stories and complex relationships. Greek mythologies mostly concern their gods and heroes such as; Hercules, Achilles, Theseus, and Perseus. Of the many Greek heroes, Jason is the most heroic due to the fact that although he is abandoned at a very young age, he is still able to survive, also he proves to Hera the goddess who hated heroes that he is worthy to be favoured by her, and he completes the impossible quest of the Golden Fleece.

Jason is born in a very superior family, having a father who is the lawful king of Iolcus. But, unluckily the greediness of Jason’s uncle Pelias causes him to usurp the throne, killing all the other members of the royal family. However, to save his life, his mother decides to wrap him in a bundle and abandon him in the wilderness. Meanwhile, she deceives Pelias into believing that Jason has died at birth. Fortunately, thinking that Jason is dead, Pelias does not go to search for the infant who is placed in a cave which turns out to be the home of the centaurs. Chiron the centaur who has trained many heroes kindly welcomes Jason. He raises Jason as if he was his own child, and teaches him the skills of a hero. As a result of Chiron’s tutoring, Jason is able to become one of the most well-known heroes

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