Greek Culture In The Movie Hercules

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In life, all people have something that they value. Many people value their families, love, and heroism. Hercules portrays all of these in the myth and the movie. The differences in the values of family, love, and heroism show how values have changed between ages. In the movie Hercules, they make the value of family a lot more prominent. Also, the movie makes the myth of “Herâcles” more family friendly. In the movie, Zeus has one wife, Hera. In the myth, Zeus has multiple wives including, Hera, Metis, Demeter, etc. Disney’s reason for removing this is probably because that it is frowned upon to have more than one wife in American culture. In Greek culture, it was very normal to have more than one wife do to the fact the Zeus had many. Many …show more content…

In the movie, he shows heroism when he gives up his life with his family to work to be a hero. He spent hours working to build his strength and work to become a hero. In the myth, he is not too worried about being anyone's hero. He only works when he feels guilty for causing the death of his family. Having someone who is willing to work hard and be a role model for people is valued so they can help anyone who needs it. In American culture, people value role models and perfect citizens more than they did in Greek culture. Once Hercules becomes a hero, he does everything in his power to try and save the people of Greece. He uses his strength to get kids out from under rocks and to defeat many different monsters. He also risks his life to save Megara from death. In the myth, he also performs labors defeating many monsters, but he does not do them to save anyone. He does them to console himself over his own guilt. In American culture, heroism is valued because everyone wants to have their knight in shining armor. In Greek culture, it may not have been as important because heroism is not as prominent in the myth. Also to help anyone who needs it. The last thing that Hercules does to show heroism is that he gives up everything that he wants for another person in the movie. He gives up a life with his family of gods and immortality for the needs and wants of another person. He put her happiness in front of his own. In the

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