Hercules Hero's Journey Essay

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Have you ever thought to yourself, what makes a hero a real hero? Hercules is a Disney movie about a hero, who has to go through a self-discovering journey to reunite with his family. Hercules goes through all the phases of a hero’s journey. The first phase of a hero’s journey is the departure phase. In the hero’s journey, as outlined by Joseph Campbell, a hero will question the world he or she lives in because he or she is different. Also in most journeys of a hero, there will be some sort of call to adventure, or a reason for leaving, which a hero will sometimes deny, and sometimes accept. In the ordinary world, Hercules was stronger than other all the other person and he was called many names. In the call to adventure, Hercules learns that his father is Zeus and that he is …show more content…

In the initiation stage, a hero would usually enter the world that they have never experienced before. They also have a supernatural aid or a talisman. Let’s not forget that when there’s a hero there is always a helper or allies. The hero would be faced with test or supreme deal usually set by a shadow or a trickster. Sometimes the hero is faced with women as a temptress. Pegasus is a flying horse, he is a gift from Zeus to Hercules. Pegasus is the supernatural aid in Hercules. Hercules allies/helper is Phill. Phill trains Hercules to be a hero. Hercules enters an unknown world, he goes to Thebes, city full of danger and creatures. Hercules faces initiation Return is the last phase of a hero’s journey. In the final stage of a hero’s journey is the return. In the return phase, the hero usually goes back home and gets a reward. And like a great hero, he has mastered both worlds. As a reward, Hercules gets Meg’s love. Through the journey home, Hercules has to fight with Hades and the Titans. Hercules has master two worlds the world of the gods and earth. Hercules goes through the last phase of a hero’s

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