Perseus Hero's Journey Essay

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Lilly Tran
Mr. Sandefur
Honors English 10A - 5
20 January 2023
The Hero’s Journey The hero's journey described by author Joseph Campell in his book The Hero With a Thousand Faces talks about the archetypal path that many heroes in myths take to become one. From the departure, the initiation, and the return home, many familiar stories follow the hero's journey. One such story is from the movie The Clash of the Titans which follows the journey of Perseus as he searches for a way to defeat the fearsome Kraken that threatens to destroy humanity. Perseus's quest throughout the movie follows many points of the hero's journey as he travels with his companions to find a way to defeat the Kraken. The Clash of the Titans exemplifies many parts of …show more content…

The hero's life has considerably changed and they must face the consequences. The return in the hero's journey follows the aftermath of the hero's adventure and the events that follow. After slaying the Kraken, Perseus’s father, Zeus, offers him a place among the gods in Olympus. However, Perseus in a sense was already home. His home was among other mortals and humans, not with the gods. Even though Perseus was half god, he never saw himself as one. He grew up with mortals and throughout the movie fought for humanity and against Hades.Perseus refused the offer, wanting to stay in the mortal realm. Zeus accepted Perseus' decision and instead brought Io back to life. As Perseus and Io ride off together, Perseus finally has returned home, in the arms of his beloved, and among humans. The return home for many heroes is difficult because their lives have changed so drastically that they can no longer live the life they once had. They can’t make peace with their past and the changes that the adventure brought them. Perseus was able to make peace and become a master of both worlds. Perseus accepted his identity as a demigod and a hero who would protect humanity from Hades while starting a new life with Io. Perseus’s adventure had finally come to an end and throughout the course became a true

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