The Ghetto Dialectical Journal

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SECTION 1 (book pgs. 3-65)
• Chapter Titles • Ch 1: The Ghetto, I chose this title because most the story takes place in the ghetto. This section shows mostly how they lived there. • Ch. 2: Train Ride, This section was mostly about the train ride and all of the events that occurred there. It showed how it was like to be in there with little space and how they long it took to get to Auschwitz. • Ch. 3: Stripped- This section showed everything the Jews had to go through when they got to concentrations camps. There hair was shaved, they lost all of their belongings, they were stripped of their humanity. • Ch. 4: Left, right, I named this section “Left, right because in this part of the story Elie is teaching his father how to march and keep the rhythm so that he doesn’t get beat by Franek. I thought this was important because it shows that Elie is maturing and essentially becoming sort of a father to Chlomo because he has to take care of him and protect him like a father would.
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Babies! Yes, I did see this, with my own eyes …chil-dren thrown into the flames.” Pg. 32, Loss of youth. In this part of the book Elie and all of the other Jews are at Birkenau. They have just gotten out of the train. All of their belongings are left in the wagons. Now they have no memories of home. Jews are being selected for life or death. Elie is separated from his mother and his sisters, but he remains with his father. They lie about their ages so that they can live. If you are too young or too old you are of no use at Auschwitz. Later they arrive at Auschwitz and they lie again to Dr. Mengele and Elie says he is a farmer, not a student. After, they move on to the pit. On the way they see piles of dead people. They see flames rising from a ditch and realize that something was being burned. A truck came along and emptied its load and they saw all of the dead children thrown into the
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