I Am Soterios Rio Dialectical Journal

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Hello, I am Soterios (Rio) Caten and I'm almost 16. I'm writing this story because people need to be warned of the new utopia. The government wants people to die, so the higher ups can be more wealthy. I sell the drugs people need. Maybe that wasn't the best wording, I sell people medicine so we can defy the government. For this I've been arrested several times, the government can't execute though it's not ok so I've been around for a while. Now I've been blabbering on forever let's just get on with the story. The night was cold and with every gust of wind someone shivered. The stars were bright enough to light up the night even without the bright full moon in the sky. I was standing in my normal spot in a short alleyway with a line of five …show more content…

I looked up at the barred window to see Nason. “Nason?” I asked wearily. The effects of the drugs the insert in you must not have worn off. “Sorios? Why do you have poison in your blood system?” Nason asked. “It's a way of punishing prisoners, but not killing them,” I explained trying to stand up, but immediately sitting back down. “That's a weird system,” Nason stated as he bent the bars of the cell open. “That's new,” I smiled as I walked up to the bars, “why?” “You've helped me twice, this is repayment for one of them,” Nason explained. “That was for my own…” I reached my hand up as Nason pulled me up. “Don't try to rationalize with me I made up my mind, I will be your friend,” Nason said. “Friend? I don't need friends they don't help me at all,” I answered as I walked out of the prison gates and towards my part of Utop. “That's the only way I can pay you back though. I've observed you and you have a grey and dull life. You need someone to befriend you to lighten it up. Sadly I am more like a robot, but I'll try,” Nason explained. “Fine, do what you want. I have two rules though,” I stated. “What are they?” Nason asked as he tries to form a smile. It looked more like a clowns make-up

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