Ellis Island Narrative

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Step by step I hear the sound of the leaves crumbling beneath my tiny little feet into hundreds of pieces. I see little kids completely oblivious to why they have been walking for so long. I smell the cold, dry winter air moving in faster and faster as the days fly by. As day falls into the blue and orange horizon, it is time we set up for an overnight stay as the constellations fill the sky. Three days have gone by and we are still walking. It has gotten a lot colder and we are having to stop more and more so we can escape the frigid cold temperatures and cuddle up next to a sea of flames. The beautiful artwork of leaves and the rough, rigid logs are all we have to keep the fire up and going. As we lay there the absence of all the animals …show more content…

She was the sign that we have finally entered the land of the free! Some were so excited about seeing her they almost jumped straight out of their britches, including me and my sister. After hours of waiting to get to Ellis Island the finally dropped the anchor and yelled ''waren hier,'' which means “were here“ in German. As soon as we got there health officers boarded in the harbor and they looked for diseases. I heard the captain tell another man that if our ship passes the inspection doctors would then start to check the health of first and second class passengers. Then the lucky few of them that were healthy got processed faster than others and could leave the ship when it docked in New York City, but third class passengers often had to wait hours or days until a smaller ferry boat took us to Ellis Island for the immigration process. I have been on this boat for three weeks and I'm already sick and tired of all the people I am around! Im usually a friendly person, but after a while i get pretty grumpy with whom I'm around; even my mother and sister are starting to irritate me a little. You have Gaberiella whining, mother griping, old people moaning, and then there's a few of us that have been sitting here basically saying “get over yourselves, we should be off in a few

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