Sacagawea Character Traits

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I was apart of the Corps of Discovery with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark on a 2 year and 4 month journey, on the newly purchased Louisiana Territory. It was a fact finding mission, brought upon us by president Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson wanted us to try and find a water route that goes across North America, get on good terms with Native American tribes, tell the tribes that we come in peace, that we now own the land, and lastly collect information about animals, plants, and landscapes. This adventure was a once in a lifetime opportunity and it will make our country very successful in the future. During this expedition we were on a wide, moderate current river with a bunch of timber on both sides of us. We discovered this area on April 15, 1805, we learned a bunch of Native American …show more content…

She is our interpreter, when we met with the Shoshone she helped bribe them into getting the horses to us. She is also great at identifying landmarks, since she got kidnapped when she was 12 she knows her way around. Resourcefulness is another great skill Sacagawea has, she spotted different plants that can be used for medicine and food. I think her best trait is how good of a leader she is, she was the 3rd captain of the journey. Sacagawea has a kid, and that also proves how skilled she is. Her best contribution was when we met with that Shoshone Indians she interpreted for Lewis and Clark, and it ended in us getting the horses and overcoming the impossible by getting over the Rocky Mountains. On this trip we were supposed to fulfill 3 goals on this journey. The first one was we were supposed to find a Northwest Passage and we didn’t. Second we were supposed to get on good terms with Native American tribes, and we only got on good terms with a few. Lastly, collect information about animal, plants, and landscape, which we did. This adventure was once in a lifetime experience , and I had so much

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