What Is The Difference Between Lewis And Clark

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The United States would not be what it is today without the Lewis and Clark Expedition. People may not have known it at the time, but the Lewis and Clark Expedition was the start for many things. On the expedition many things were discovered. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark brought to light many things that were previously unknown to Americans. Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were appointed by President Thomas Jefferson to lead the expedition. In preparation for the trip Lewis and Albert Gallatin, who was Thoams Jefferson's secretary of Treasury, collected the most recent maps and printed accounts representing and outlining the unknown country of the west. They also collected information about the land from the native people. The information collected was vital to the start of their expedition. …show more content…

Louis. They set out in large canoes, known as pirogues, and a large keelboat that was filled with numerous items to help the group survive. Thomas Jefferson had directed the group of explorers that they were to document "the face of the country". The group began their journey up the Missouri river through the harsh wilderness. The group was hoping to find out if the Missouri River, which Is the longest river in North America, made its way to the Pacific Ocean. Six months later, by the Mandan Sioux villages which is now North Dakota, the Corps of Discovery built Fort Mandan. They stayed here for the winter sending a barge downriver that was loaded with maps, soil samples, the skins and skeletons of animals, and live specimens, all that were previously not known in

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