Why Did The United States Become Bigger In 1803?

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通し番号01-053: Classroom instruction (100-120 words)
(Narrator): Listen to a college history professor talk to a class.
(Man/Woman): Before 1803, the United States was a smaller country than it is now. America only had land in the east coast. But, in 1803, the United States bought a lot of land from France. This land was from the east coast, almost all the way to the west coast. After this, the United States was very large. However, very few Americans had ever been to the new land. There were no maps of the new land either. So, in 1803, the president of the United States sent Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. They went all the way to the West Coast of the United States and drew hundreds of maps. They were the first Americans to ever do this. (121 words)
Q. Why did the United States become bigger in 1803?
They took land from Canada.
They took land from Mexico.
They bought land from France.
They bought land from England.
Q. Why did the president of the United States send people to the west coast?
Because there was a lot of money in the west.
Because there were no maps of the west.
Because people wanted to see the west.
Because there was a lot of food in the west.
Q. Who did the president send to the west coast?
Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. …show more content…

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