How Did Thomas Morgan Support Westward Expansion

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Morgan’s central ideas of the article support that westward expansion was something that a majority of America wanted and was helpful. “The Way to Rainy Mountain” by N. Scott Momaday was a story about an indian tribe traveling across to a promise land through westward expansion. “Thomas Jefferson’s America, 1801” by Stephen Ambrose was about Thomas Jefferson and many other Americans wanting westward expansion and getting explorers to go out and see what was in the land they had obtained. “Reporting to the President, September 23-December 31, 1806” by Stephen Ambrose was about the exploration westward was over and the news about the land westward came in. “Chief Joseph Speaks…” by Chief Joseph was about after people had started traveling westward …show more content…

Jefferson along with many of Americans wanted the expedition to start so he tried many times and made many sacrifices for it to be started. Thomas and Jefferson had tried many times to get the journey started to explore westward but everyone he sent before Lewis and Clark had died so he did not want to start another expedition but America needed to expand and needed the resources that could have been westward so he allowed Lewis to start the expedition. The north and the south had different views of what the new land westward could be used for, the majority of the south said, “They looked to west for new and cheaper lands, especially in the rich virgin soil beyond the mountains.” and the north also said, “western empire could serve as a vast reservation for the Indians displaced from the east of the river. There they could learn to farm and become civilized, so that they could be incorporated into the body of the politic.” President Jefferson wanted to explore the west because in some of the books he had he read that there would be resources that would be very helpful to

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