Essay On Ellis Island Immigration

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Immigration is one of the best and worst things to happen in America. During the time when immigration was at its peak, Ellis Island was the place that most immigrants went to. They also had to deal with starting a whole different life in a new country. With having to deal with traveling overseas, having to start a brand new tough life, dealing with the overpopulation at Ellis Island. They also had to deal with the grueling work and hours in the factories which most worked at. Immigrants sure had a tough life.

In the new world of America, Ellis Island was the place to go for new immigrants. “All immigrants were checked for physical disabilities, and those who had disabilities were sent to the care unit.”( History Channel). Soon, too many immigrants were at Ellis Island and had no place to go. It …show more content…

“When interviewed a woman was asked, how is working in a factory? She said that it was better than farming”(Immigration during the industrial revolution). “The conditions in the factories were bad with no windows making it stuffy and the gas from the machines slowly killing the workers”(Immigration article). Even though the working conditions were atrocious, some people found the good side to working in factories.

Starting a new life in a new country is not as easy as people think it is. Most immigrants coming to America had little food and water and either had basic or no job skills.(history channel). Some Immigrants had to live off of simple chicken broth. Only a very slim margin of immigrants got to have good jobs(Crash Course). With no job and little supplies living in America was survival of the fittest.

Immigration had a great impact on America by giving more jobs for more trade. Sadly it also was bad, because it made lots of people homeless and vulnerable to death. Immigration was big in the 1800s but america hasn't even seen the start of it

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