Immigrant Restriction Essay

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The condition of the cities during the 20th century, were terrible. Due to the extreme amount of people coming to cities looking for work they were crammed. There was limited housing causing people to live on the street. The streets were filled with waste and nastiness due to people not disposing of garbage and human waste properly. Also, garbage was not picked up off the streets often, nor were the streets cleaned. This made the odor bad as well as a health risk. Private monopolies in utility companies were created. This resulted in a law to regulate the rate a utility company could charge. The cities did not have safe water or sewer systems. Not only were the living conditions bad, but working conditions were just as bad if not worse. The…show more content…
This made population rise significantly due to the overwhelming number of immigrants. These immigrants also tried to enter the workforce. This made many citizens of the country mad. This is what started immigrant restriction. Citizens started forming restriction groups as well as placing restrictions on who could be in their union. For example, the American Federation of Labor was concerned that immigrants would try and take their jobs, so they supported a restriction be placed on immigrants. Congress tried to pass a law requiring immigrants to take a literary test to be able to work but this was vetoed. Other citizens that were anti-immigrant tried to control the reproduction of immigrants. Immigrants often lived in ghettos or slums with other immigrants. Just like the other living conditions these were unsanitary and crammed. Immigrants often had the worst living conditions, second to living on the street. They were in not great parts of town and the neighborhoods were not made to house the amount of people living there. This helps to provide a support system for them. Immigrants had to rely on each other. People living in cities during the 20th century did not live a life that you would want to live. The streets were full of human waste and garbage, making diseases and illnesses easily attainable. The working conditions were not good either. It was common for workers to end up injured or sick due to the factories that

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