Narrative Essay About Moving Abroad

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Moving is always hard. It is harder if you are moving from your birthplace to a culturally different country after spending most of your teenage years. I moved from Bangladesh to New York about a year and a half ago and let me tell you, it was not easy. I had to leave the place I grew up in, my friends and relatives and start a new life here in America. Probably the only good part was that at least I was with my family throughout this hardship. I believe it was one of the most important events that have made me a lot more mature and responsible. Since English is not my first language, it was hard for me to cope with the American education system. I even had to teach myself how to have a conversation with people in English. I think myself as a risk taker which is why I took IB English to challenge myself and get better at my knowledge …show more content…

I learned how to manage my time more efficiently since I had to balance my work and education and still do all the activities that make me happy such as playing soccer and badminton with my friends or being part of clubs at my school. Although life does not go by rule; there are times when I think what would happen if my dad was still healthy and I wouldn 't have to work. I wonder what it feels like not to think about paying the rent for a day or being able to spend the weekend without working. Still, at the end of the day when I first bought my mother an iPhone with my earnings, I felt satisfied with myself. The debt my parents has on me, I felt like I am paying something off. Now you might wonder why I 'm telling you my life story. I believe this journey from Bangladesh to the United States has transformed me into a completely different person. Throughout this journey, I have learned a lot more about myself. I am determined to try and overcome any challenge that comes along the way. However, this is not the complete reflection of

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