How To Become An Unocumented Immigrant

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It is difficult to calculate how greatly the status of being undocumented has impacted my life. I was ten years old when my family and I immigrated to the United States. My parents have worked multiple jobs so my siblings and I could have a chance at a better future than they did. Even after thirteen years in the U.S. – I still overhear my parents’ conversations about deportations. Like many other undocumented immigrants, I was living in the shadows and living in constant fear of deportation. I was afraid, but thought that if I studied hard enough, I could become an exception. As a result, my strong work ethic became a personal quality that is important to me. On Thursday, January 17, 2013, I almost could not believe my ears. My mother gave me the news that my stepfather was deported on his way back home from work in San Diego. They surprised him with handcuffs and the first deportation bus to Tijuana. I realized that …show more content…

Before long, I started working full-time in order to help my mother pay rent and utility bills. I recall carpooling to work with a friend and riding in the passenger seat studying every chance I got. I also remember finishing work at five in the morning, then starting class at 9:00AM. My time management was key since work took a vast amount of my study time. Taking on my stepfather’s responsibilities makes me proud and has taught me to take resolute action in these difficult times. Now that I am older, I understand the hard work my parents do in order to make ends meet. Through my experience, I have become a resilient individual. I have gained many experiences that have taught me the qualities of being determined and unafraid. When I reflect on myself about my journey to a good education, I focus on the sacrifices my family and I had to make to get to where I am, and realize that to help myself succeed my strong work ethic is important to make a better life for my

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