Personal Narrative: The Stereotypes Of Teenagers

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I find it enigmatic hearing the stereotype that teenagers are lazy and not hard working and the topic has become ubiquitous in the past few years. Mostly adults view teenagers as lackadaisical, emotional, and lacking work ethic, which is not plausible. This generation of teenagers will need to work harder and deal with more stress than any previous generation to get a decent job, own a house, and have a family without being severely in debt most of their life, and yet they’re considered lazy. Studies show that today’s teenagers may be the hardest working individuals the United States has seen. Adults consider teenagers lazy and spoiled, but consider these figures: in the year 1976 the cost of one year of tuition at the University of California …show more content…

For example, my parents will not allow me to work at a grocery store or fast food restaurant, so I will likely never experience what Barbara Ehrenreich did in Florida. I’m not allowed to work during the school year due to my parents do not want me having to worry about school, sports, and a job. This situation leaves me to work for the short three months of summer and make the money I earn during the summer last the rest of the year to pay for gas and activities with friends. My parents have always been hard working just as Mike Rose’s parents, but I am hoping I am the child with the glow in Potato Eaters, I hope to be the one who takes a path other than the blue collar road my parents have paved for me. With the limiting of my options for work I have the job of working in my uncle’s mechanic shop in eastern Washington, however I am away from my friends for 90% of the summer and make $5.00 an hour, 50 hours a week, around $2,750 a summer, which I must make last the other nine months of the year. Coming from a predominantly blue collar family is likely the reason that I am so limited in my choice of work as a teenager, and the roots of my “individualistic” attitude, which causes me to have to pay for just about everything by myself. I have the same view of my parents as Seamus Heaney did in the poem Digging, I admire their work beyond belief, but that kind of work is not for

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