Personal Narrative: An Interview With Juveniles

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Interviewer: First question and I’m going to go off script a little bit, I always do; I think you get better information that way. So, first off, do you remember using it, do you remember using it all back in – Interviewee: You gave me two case numbers and I remember using one. Interviewer: And what was that about? Interviewee: I believe it was an assault, a juvenile assault or something like that. Interviewer: Okay, and did you call down to juvenile court? Interviewee: Yeah, the reason we did that, was because we had just gone and they told to use this program, so I remember being told that and that is why I called down before I took the juvenile. Interviewer: Okay, how was the program told to you? Interviewee: We were told, in briefing, …show more content…

Interviewee: I really haven’t dealt too much with juveniles. Interviewer: Oh really, where were you before sergeant? Interviewee: I was in team three midtown. Interviewer: Oh, you were midtown, right down on Alberton and 22nd. Interviewee: I was a lead police officer, so I didn’t respond to a lot of juvenile calls. Interviewer: What about, did officers call you when you were the lead when there was a thing with juveniles? Interviewee: Well, they wouldn’t call me and ask if they could take them or not, if that’s what you are asking. Interviewer: No, I’m saying, did they consult with you about, this is the kid, and what do you think I should do? Interviewee: No, not generally. Interviewer: Not generally, okay. So, it was just communicated to you through briefing, and was that it? Interviewee: That was it, there is a new system coming through the pipeline, they told us in briefing, you need to call the number prior to taking juvenile down. After that one time they told us, we really haven’t heard much about it and it hasn’t really been told to us to use it. I’m actually no going to lie to you, I forgot about the program after

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