Undocumented Family

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The Risk and Effects of the Undocumented Families For my research paper I want to take a few minutes of your time to share some information on the risk and effects of the undocumented families. Regardless of the risk factors, like deportation, trauma, or even death undocumented families will risk anything for a chance of freedom and a better life. For instance, how some of these individuals risk everything and anything to get a chance at a better life. One risk that might be considered first is the traveling to the United States. The Beast or otherwise known as The Train of Death. The Beast is freight trains, which comes from Mexico and Guatemala to the United States. It carries primarily anything from corn to scrap metal, but has also been …show more content…

The effects of growing up in a family where family members are at risk for the deportation can also be understood from the perspective of toxic stress, that is, the notion that adverse experiences that upset child, parent and household, can result in biological, neurological and psychological changes. (Shonkoff, Boyce & McEwen, 2009).” Furthermore Human Impact Partners stated, “a child’s health and wellbeing is predicated upon the parent’s ability to provide family economic stability, to access needed services. Thus, it is not surprising, given the multiple stresses unauthorized parents experience, that parent, legal status is a predictor of multiple adverse outcomes for children, including emotional and wellbeing.” According to Human Impact Partners, “children who come from unauthorized immigrants has found that they are more likely going to face the following, ‘anxiety, fear, sadness, posttraumatic stress symptoms, anger and withdrawal.’”(2013; Polochnick & Perreria, 2010). Yoshikawa reports that low-income mothers face things like, “occupational stress, psychological distress, little social support and the lack of child care. Which effects a child’s cognitive development from the ages twenty-four to thirty-six months old.” Furthermore, because of the fear of being deported, families are afraid to get health care, as stated by Bean, Leach, Brown, Bachmeier & Hipp,

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