DREAM Act Reflection

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One of the biggest life changing moments that has ever happened to me was when the president of the United States Obama gave the privilege to minor Aliens the DREAM Act. What is this Act, in other words, it is a permit for younger teens about the age of 15 thru the age of 30 years of age can apply for a temporary legal status if their parents are undocumented the minor/adult can apply for this act and can maybe in the future apply for citizenship. The outcome of the DREAM Act has really made a huge impact in my life because without this DREAM act I wouldn't be here right now. This DREAM Act has really changed my life starting with not having to fear of getting deported and being able to continue with my education and having my own personal …show more content…

I can still recall when I went to see my lawyer and he told me that all my paperwork and everything was perfect and I would get my DREAMS ID in the mail and I would also get my SS in the mail I couldn't wait to get it and be able to work. I'm just so glad that for the moment I can still be able to further my education and have a job to help my parents with their financial income and be a role model to my younger sister and show her that when you work hard everything pays off and you should be grateful for everything that happens in your life. Because if it wouldn't be for this DREAM Act I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be in enrolled in school because the college wouldn't accept me for not having a social or even a job how would I be able to pay for my tuition or my book over all the DREAM Act has changed my life completely for the better with many opportunities that who wouldn't want to have. Most minor allies are able to qualify for the DREAM Act benefit so I'm completely sure that this has changed so many teens life in so many ways. Just like it made my life more meaningful and to better

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