Cesar Millan Illegal Immigration Analysis

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Being an Immigrant can lead to physical and emotional strains, whether it involves searching for health care, leaving your family behind, or fighting to becoming a legal citizen. Cesar Millan and “Anna” are two people that struck my sight on illegal immigration, this helped me see in other people’s eyes on what they had to go through to get here and to do what they had to do that could get them killed. Their stories and their connections I wrote in three main categories that I saw with illegal immigration to: Pathways to citizenship, Health care and, Family. Cesar Millan pathway to citizenship, some people say that he just “jumped over the border” but he couldn’t just do that, he is someone that turned from the negatives from coming to the U.S. and made a positive comeback using resiliency. …show more content…

She fled back to the Honduras last april due to her application for asylum in the U.S. is still pending. While she was trying to get to the U.S. she was kept in the holding cell along the U.S./ mexican border which is also named the Hielera spanish for “ icebox “ because it was over air conditioned and it was very cold. She was treated very inhumane while trying to get to the U.S..health care, The health care that they had was none. They couldn’t help themselves through when they got hurt by border control. They can’t have health care because they don’t have any papers to help them communicate to get their health helping health care for if they get hurt doing the jobs we don’t do. When they are taken Medication and Jackets are taken away for “safety”, which doesn’t help them with their problem and it could make them sicker. Family, Her family was tortured and put in a train that had criminals on it, they had people that could hurt her and her family on the train but that was the only way that they would be able to get to the U.S and get

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