Descriptive Essay: Moving To America

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With everyone now aboard the cruise ship, I can’t even hear myself think! The sound of adults and children overwhelmed with excitement and bursting with laughter fills the sea air. “We’ll be departing for the Caribbean islands shortly,” exclaims Captain George Johnson. This is my cue to start making way to my compact yet cozy room to unpack my belongings for my ten day trip. Having not seen the Caribbean since I moved to America when I was eight, I’ve been longing for my home village. It has been 17 years since I have seen that clear, blue, ocean water with my own bright, blue eyes. As the ship departs from the dock and the wind tousls through my sleek, dark brown hair, it reminds me that in just a few more days I will return to my childhood happiness. After unpacking my luggage I decide to head down to the main deck to check out the activities that are rumored to be going on by fellow passengers. I instantly see the hustle and bustle of all the travelers …show more content…

Stereotypically, it’s buzzing with the movement of the elderly. Minutes, maybe even hours, go by and my lack of eating is starting to affect my shuffleboarding. The snack bar seems like a good idea. Climbing my 5’4 self on to the towering bar stool is harder then one might think. But once I sit upright with a view of the deck, I see the man from the main deck that was with that woman, but she was not with him this time. Which seemed strange to me. I knew for a fact that it was the same guy, tall, dark, and quite handsome, but this time he was with a different woman. The woman before, lanky, pale but yet elegant was replaced with a bodacious beauty with glimmering olive skin. Second of all I knew something was going on with all their secrecy! Again, not my business so I’ll just continue getting my food. Hours have passed by now and it’s almost midnight, so I should probably go to bed if I want to have any energy

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