Whitewater Life Narrative

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December 12th, 1997 was the day I was born, in South Suburban Hospital located in Hazel Crest Illinois. After I was delivered, my family and I moved to Whitewater, Wisconsin, there is when my life took a toll. Living in Whitewater, Wisconsin was a positive and negative experience. I lived there until the age of 12 and then we moved to Chicago, Illinois. Coming from a small town and transitioning into a huge city was such a meaningful process that plays a big part in my story.

The positive intake of living in Whitewater was the fact of it being like living in a big house, everybody knew each other. There was only one grammar school, high school and college. So the same kids I knew in daycare were the same kids I grew older with. For the most part I enjoyed living in a small town. I also had lots of family that were living in the area. But we lived on the country end of it, our neighbors were blocks away. So I 'm use on living on a lot of land with lots of space between other houses.

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One day one of the minority students walked in the bathroom to whiteness all of the 7 students listed under a title that stated "Kill A Nigga Day". And "KKK" was posted on all 7 students lockers. He told the people that names were listed and they all went home to address their parents about the issue. My parents are all about their kids so they took it very seriously. They filed a lawsuit on the whitewater high school district because when they confronted the principle he had nothing more to say but "it 's all just a joke". None of the 7 families seen this as a laughing matter so all students were given escorts to class and interviewed on Fox News. The incident did not excel, because my parents felt as if Whitewater was lackadaisical for the safety of minority citizens, so we moved to Chicago. (Where my dad is

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