How Did The Sit-In Movement Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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The civil rights movement was a movement that was started to go against segregation. During the civil rights movement there was multiple marches, protest, and many other things that individual or groups of people did to try and get equal rights for African Americans. One of the types of protest is called a sit-in. The sit-ins were mainly started by 4 african american students at a Greensboro lunch counter. At first the four students just wanted some lunch but when they went to go order they refused to serve them. This resulted in the 4 students protesting and sitting at the lunch counter until they were served which turned out to be a little over 5 months. Once other people found out about this many other african americans and even some whites joined. Eventually they had to serve them because it was slowing down their business and they were losing a huge amount of money. The african americans were able to get served and broke some of the segregation laws in other restaurants, stores, etc. Although they ended up getting what they wanted there were some problems that they faced. Some of these problems were because the whites would often throw things at them and cause …show more content…

The original sit-in in Greensboro had started a huge movement that spread around to many different cities and restaurants. The sit-in movement also changed how people went about protesting. People started to protest more peacefully because of the sit-in and realized they still got what they wanted without having to physically fight. This showed people that they could still “fight” without actually fighting for what they want. This was definitely a more efficient way of protesting than causing violence. By doing the sit-ins they still got what they wanted and were able to show people that they are not trying to fight they just want to be equal and be treated the same as the white

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