Compare And Contrast Florida And Alabama Essay

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Its almost time for football season, the weather is changing and animals are on the move.
Florida, on the other hand, is staying hot for a little longer; their football team is quite poor in talent,
And a lot of their animals can kill you. When it comes to quality of state, Florida doesn’t have the
Beauties like Alabama, Alabama is the great heart of Dixie, the best state in the U.S of A! Florida is nice,
But Alabama’s Football team, weather, and animals are all far better than Florida. First, Alabama’s football team is far more skilled than Florida; Alabama has a winning streak for
Four years now since 2009. Our longest win streak was winning 8 years in a row, and our biggest win
Margin was 49-0. In all angles we have a way better …show more content…

Especially at night if one slithers in front of you,
You could easily mistake it for a snake. That becomes annoying after awhile. Also, let’s say you are
Fishing on the bank of a pond or a river in Florida, you can’t just fish calmly. You have to always be
Watching out for alligators in most places. You can’t just fish calmly. You have to always be watching out
For alligators in most places. Other than Alabama, you can fish whenever and don t have to worry about
It at all. Also Alabama has nights to where it gets cool enough to where the fish will really bite. All
Around Alabama is better for animal experiences in all aspects. Other than Florida which sometimes you
Have to risk your life!

Alabama and Florida are both great states, in an even better country. Although I have said some
Slightly strong things about Florida, I feel as if they still have a ton of things to offer for many people.
Alabama and Florida have a ton of differences, from football and its crazy stats, to the weather of both
And how they differ, and how you can easily get hurt just from fishing! Although Alabama and Florida differ in some things, you can always find fun no matter where you

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