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Exploring the everglades through an air boat ride Living in the city can sometimes be quite frustrating with a day to day job with many responsibilities. One should always try to take some time off with their loved ones to breath in a natural environment which is surrounded by wildlife and other animals. There is no place better to visit for an adventure than visiting Everglades in Florida. The everglades is an astonishing land covered with grass, water, mud and animals spreading across an area of 1,509,000 acres. It is the only place in the world where you can find alligators and American crocodile living side by side in harmony. Most of the people think that the area is a swamp, covered with dirt and grass, however everglades consist of a slow moving river, making it possible for boats to roam about. Why An Air boat ride is the best way to explore Everglades? The Everglades area has many mangroves tunnels, sawgrass marshes and pine flatwoods. That is why the best way to explore the everglades is through airboat rides in everglades. With most of the area covered with grass and mud, the best way to see hard to reach places is through an airboat, as the boat moves through a fan rather than a …show more content…

Booking through Everglades Holiday Park will not only give you the best scenic tour, but the safest and luxurious one as well. The airboat used by our team is propelled by a high powered fan which can reach up high speeds with safety. The propeller makes sure that the ride is comfortable while keeping the noise to the minimum. The airboat is also joined together with a steel cage so that maneuvering is easy and safe. Throughout the ride, your will experience encounters with wild animals such as alligators and crocodile. But that would not be any dangerous due to our state of the art air boat with steel frame all around. We do not use small light boats as tripping over can be quite a

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