Southwest Florida Pests Essay

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Southwest Florida is the coastal region in the Florida state. It contains many metropolitan areas and is quite populated when compared with other parts of the country. The whole area is governed by the exposure to the coast and all the life elements therefore depend on this huge water body.
The pests that are found in the area are also much related to the presence of water bodies and some pests near beaches can truly present a hazard to home owners who like to live close to the coast. We will describe here some pests in Southwest Florida that are quite deadly and should always be avoided.
We start with the most common pests that are perhaps present in all parts of the worlds. Cockroaches are the most common pests near beaches and …show more content…

One of the most dangerous pests found right in the shallow water are stingrays. They do not like to get treaded on and can hit you with their poisonous tail. Jellyfish can be a similar hazard when walking on the beach. You mostly require professional help after a jellyfish bite. These dangers however can be reduced by carefully getting near the coast.
Now returning back to the pests near beaches, termites have quite a lot of significance. Wood is the best material to use for construction when building close to the water bodies but termites have a liking for wood structures. The termites are a real threat and among the top pests in southwest Florida.
Termites can easily destroy your cabinets, your doors and start to eat up your whole house structure. A bit of panic is therefore good when seeing a termite and you should immediately call for professional help because termites are resilient and they do not like to leave a house which is full of wooden objects.
Dog Fly
Another of the dangerous pests near beaches is the dog fly. This fly is known to bite dogs and therefore gets its particular name but it does not hesitate to bit humans as well. They are a hazard slightly north but if the winds are right, the dog fly can be a pest in southwest Florida which is a persisting

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