Write A Narrative About Moving Away

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February 5, 2007, Houston Texas, it was 4:20 am when the alarm when off. I was spending the last moments with my family before embarking in the most challenging adventure of my young life yet; I was 20. The rainy morning accentuated the heavy feeling of departure. I gathered my emotions, thoughts and my single luggage, and proceeded to kiss my mother good-bye. She barely moved, the pain of seeing her youngest son leaving without knowing when would be the next time she would see him was unbearable. Her eyes were sparkling, full of tears wanting to explode but were held like a dam holds wild rivers. She could only whisper a simple farewell. The color drained out of my face, I have never felt my throat in such a pain, a feeling I would …show more content…

Saying good-bye to my father and my sister Valeria after what I went through moments earlier was a breeze. My father wrapped me around his arms and with a saddened face masked with a smile gently told me in my ear “Do not be afraid, I believe in you, and I know that you will do just fine”. I could not utter a …show more content…

That marked my first encounter with the true Miami natives, the Cubans. I made my way to the parking lot where a blue sporty Honda was waiting for me. As soon as I stepped outside, the sun stopped burning, humidity spared me a few seconds, or so I thought, the mild warm breeze disappear, my heartbeats went through the roof. All the people around simply vanished. Mildred, the woman waiting for me jumped out of the car and into my arms, I’d never let go of her. Since then, it has been over a decade, and she is still in my arms. Miami became my home and I became fluent in the Cuban version of the Spanish language. I must admit it was not hard to get used to the crystal clear beaches, sunny mornings and its warmth wrapping you every morning. I do miss my parents every now and then, but I do not regret anything one

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