Oregon Trail Diary Of Hattie Campbell By Kristiana Gregory Summary

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The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell by Kristiana Gregory is a fictional story set in 1857 that tells about how the immigrants from the new colonies traveled to Oregon to restart their lives with their family. Along the way, immigrants suffered from poisonous foods, exhausted animals who pull the family’s wagon with all of their belongings, and the struggles of illnesses and the loss of friends. On the trip, people from the new colonies traveled in wagon trains and made giant circles when camping overnight. Along the trek to Oregon, numerous people died, some drowned or were sick, and some got lost looking for food for their meals. Some women would get ill too, but would later find out they were pregnant and would have a baby during the journey. Toward the end of the long excursion, oxen or horses which pulled a family’s wagon across America died of exhaustion or little rest. When the animals died, a family would have to leave their wagon on the side of a trail. Families would grab their most loved belongings and ride with other families in their wagons. …show more content…

Nowadays we have the luxury of traveling across the united states in a few days with smooth, paved roads with heat and air conditioned cars. Immigrants of the 1850s had to spend months at a time traveling across the United States. They had rough trails, illnesses, and no bridges to cross rivers. People also didn’t have very reliable wagons, so they had to repair their wagons along the journey. But in the modern days we have reliable cars that are a fast way of transportation. In the 1840s, travelers had to eat dead horses and mules that died of exhaustion while pulling wagons. In modern day, people can stop at a restaurant for food along the way. In present time, people also have hotels to sleep in and to bathe in while traveling, but people traveling to Oregon had to sleep outside on the ground and had to bathe in

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