The Influence Of Hiking On The Appalachian Trail

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“Why am I doing this.” said Ron Tipton when he was walking the Appalachian Trail Conservancy.This is the question that pops up into everyone’s head when they are trying to complete the Appalachian Trail. Everything started off 10 days ago when Will Henderson decided to deter from the Appalachian Trail. He had been hiking all of his life, he is 39 years old, and is a part of the National Hiking Association. He had began his journey in Georgia and was unable to complete the trail but got all the way to Tennessee. Henderson was injured while hiking the Appalachian trail when he decided to get off the trail which resulted in him slipping while crossing a stream causing him to break his leg. When this occurred it became a fight for survival. He created a splint from sticks, and string and crawled his way to a main road of the trail while pushing his 40 pound pack with him. “I never doubted that I would be found. I got discouraged sometimes, but I figured that I had plenty of food and thought that if I could get back to the …show more content…

When he was found he was hospitalized for several days in Knoxville, then when he got home he was sent to a local hospital. Henderson is one of many who have chosen to venture out onto the Appalachian trial. One person who decided to hike the trail was Sean Gobin who right on his last day in the Marine Corp’s decided to hike the trail. The trail did a good deal to his perspective of humans after his 3 deployments with how supportive people were on the A.T. Then there was Vickie Holloway who did the trail to cope with her husband always having to leave for Special Ops missions. She hiked 35 miles of the trail with her dog which her shyness with people, and fear of the dark. Even though the trail does not always work out for everyone a lot of people get a lot out of

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