National Park Service Essays

  • Gettysburg National Park Service Museum Case Summary

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    The presenting problem in the case is a need for a location for a new National Park Service museum dedicated to the mobile hospital units used during the Battle of Gettysburg and throughout the Civil War. The desire to locate the new museum I a place that originally housed a mobile unit is the primary objective. The problem comes in determining which locations were likely to house a mobile hospital unit, as these unites had to be located in a 2,000 foot buffer of a battle zone, within 2,000 feet

  • Lake Ouachita Descriptive Writing

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    colorful flora, and sauna. Lake Ouachita campground is one of my favorite places to camp and enjoy the silence of the singing forest and majestic view of Ouachita Lake. Lake Ouachita campground is one of the premier campgrounds in the Ouachita National park, and it is nested in the Ouachita Mountains of Central Arkansas, just a short drive from the spa city of Hot Springs. This campground provides a great setting for relaxing and enjoying nature. All camp sites have picnic tables and campfire rings

  • Oregon Trail Research Paper

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    From Misfortune to Oregon From around 1811 to 1840, a 2,200-mile trail was made, going from Missouri to Oregon. This trail was made by fur trappers and traders, and would soon be called The Oregon Trail. In 1846, thousands of men, women, and children began traveling to Oregon along this road. They had high hopes of finding fertile land, where they could set up large farms. They walked, rode, and pushed and pulled wagons filled with their belongings. People of all heritages, religions, and cultures

  • Immigrants On The Oregon Trail

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    The Oregon Trail is “this nation’s longest graveyard” (National Park Service). The emigrants on the trail looked for a new life in America. Some emigrants went looking for religious freedom, others went for land and power. They were not prepared for the dangers and difficulties that the trail presented. The emigrants on the oregon trail faced the most difficulty trying to survive and thrive in the west because of disease, accidents, and weather. Due to disease and illness, emigrants on the Oregon

  • Hike In Hong Kong Essay

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    OVERVIEW Hiking is considered to be a very popular leisure activity in Hong Kong as it provides the people with an opportunity to get closer to mother nature and experience serenity and tranquility by escaping the bustling city life. Going for a hike enables one to connect with the elements of nature such as the flora and fauna in their native state. The city's enthusiasm towards this activity can be proven by the fact that several famous local hiking events attract thousands of individuals to participate

  • Yellowstone Contributions To America

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    First National Park Yellowstone contributed to America by getting all sorts of tourist so it made them money. There were tourist from all over the world coming to see the beautiful place. There is about 3,447,729 visitors each year. Well I would like to start it off by the contribution Yellowstone had to America. The thing Yellowstone did was it got the people in the United States more motivated on creating things. So when they did this it got people up and moving and wanting to grow. It also

  • Case Study: The City Of Sheridan

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    Aside from the Recreation Center, which houses the swimming pool, the park also has tennis courts, basketball courts, a soccer field, a multi-purpose court and a skate park. It also features a shelter with more than 33 seating capacity. Drinking fountains, grills, power outlets, and restrooms are also available for visitors’ convenience.

  • Switzerland Holiday Essay

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    Best Holiday Itineraries The Swiss Alps The remarkable beauty of the Swiss Alps is a beautiful landmark sight to see that you don’t want to miss when you journey into Switzerland’s breathtaking landscapes. Hiking the trails in the Swiss Alps is the best way to discover the beauty of the country especially when travel into Jungfrau Area and the Matterhorn, which showcase the eye-catching and marvellous wonders of Switzerland. There are outdoor activities offered are cycling, horseback riding, glacier

  • National Parks: The Importance Of The National Park System

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    The National Park system has a beauty that is unrivaled, from the million years of history hidden in the red rock of the grand canyon, to the rivers, lush green forest and volcanic presence of Yellowstone National Park. The park system has always fought for its right to its own land and was even supported by the Republican party for a long time. Some of this land has been protected by Republican president Teddy Roosevelt, he protected more than 350,000 square miles of wilderness over a hundred years

  • Emerald Bay Research Paper

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    LOCATION OF CAMP Emerald bay is on the Northwest side of Santa Catalina. Emerald Bay is 24 miles away from Los Angels. Emerald Bay is a boy scout camp that has visitors every week. We are known for having the most abalone in southern cali and the amazing snorkeling. The climate here is mostly sunny, it gets from the 60s to the 80s. We don 't get much precipitation, that 's why we have a lot of succulent plants which can hold in a lot of water when we are lacking it. Some are cacti, flora, and mostly

  • Conquering The K2 Analysis

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    Conquering the K2 – A story of heroism. Just few years back i got the opportunity to climb Drift Peak near Leadville with my friend Sherpa and Lee. Lee was an expert at climbing peaks and he had even conquered the amazing K2 peak of the mesmerising Himalayas. A sturdy man with a passion for the mountains and a clear vision to reach to the top, Lee was a simple man. I knew him since my college days and he was always good at adventure and sports compared to academics. On our way to the peak on a winter

  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Scicon

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    Dear 5th grade students, I think you should go to Scicon cause it 's fun and educational and is a one in a lifetime thing. If you don 't go to scicon you will miss out of a week of fun. Scicon is a save place to be and fun at the same time. You will go on hikes and learn things about nature. You also get to meet people and make good friends. First of all the hikes are Awesome and really fun. You get to learn about nature and nature facts that you wouldn 't know if you don 't go

  • Everest Base Camp Trek Research Paper

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    site Sagarmatha National Park, and alpine village offers to cross several suspension bridges and to glimpse on the stunning snow-clad peaks. Kalapathar (5545 m) is the best viewpoint of the Mt. Everest (8848 m) and Mt. Lhotse (8516 with sunrise and sunset views on a clear day. Mount Everest Base Camp, Khumbu Glaciers, and Ice Pinnacles are incredible experience rest of the life. Trekkers can choose either a tea house or camping trip in affordable price. Travel insurance, National parks permit (3390

  • Sample Feasibility Study About Mindo

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    Mindo Introduction Mindo is a tiny town located in the Andean foothills surrounded by beautiful forested mountains. From nature lovers to adrenaline junkies all kinds of people flock here (especially during the weekends) to enjoy the amazing scenery and host of fun activities. Avid birdwatchers congregate as over 400 different species of bird have been spotted in and around Mindo. It is situated just north of Quito conveniently located along the route to the Esmeraladas. Mindo is often described

  • Durango Research Paper

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    Durango is a small town in Colorado surrounded by vast mountains and its most tourist site, the one hundred year old train. Its filled with tourists because of its forty degree weather in the summer, and its ten degree weather with mountains to ski on. Everyone is so content walking in the streets of Durango because of its hippy vibe and it’s most suitable weather. When hiking its tallest mountain it will take your breath away, literally. The elevation is so high your nose will be a bother and so

  • Buffalo Soldiers Research Paper

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    Buffalo soldiers! Buffalo soldiers were the people in charge of protecting settlers as they moved west. The name "Buffalo soldiers" comes from three reasons, the first reason was because the soldiers had curly hair, which reminded the people of the buffalo. The second reason was because they were they were brave and tough. The third reason was because in the winter they wore buffalo thick coats to protect them from the freezing winter. The oldest buffalo soldier to ever live was Mark

  • Similarities Between Roosevelt And John Muir

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    John Muir and Theodore Roosevelt: Taking a Stand for National Parks “Ordinarily, the man who loves the woods and mountains, the trees, the flowers, and the wild things, has in him some indefinable quality of charm, which appeals even to those sons of civilization who care for little outside of paved streets and brick walls. John Muir was a fine illustration of this rule.” (John Muir: An appreciation by Theodore Roosevelt.) John Muir was influential in the fight to preserve nature for future generations

  • Personal Narrative: The Great Smoky Mountains

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    Every year I enjoy vacationing in the Great Smoky Mountains. The Great Smoky Mountains, truly are God’s country, with the vast mountain ranges, luscious landscapes, and hypnotizing fresh water streams. I enjoy hiking through the popular trails throughout the Great Smoky Mountains. The Smoky Mountains are covered with hundreds of different trees, but the tallest tree in the Smoky Mountains is the Great Tulip tree. The Great Tulip tree is the tallest of the trees, reaching nearly two hundred feet

  • Ansel Adams: Custodian In Yosemite National Park

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    visited Yosemite National Park for the first time and he was transfixed by the beauty of the valley. In 1919 he was 17 years old, he was first introduced to the Sierra Club when he took the job as a custodian in Yosemite National Park. His interest in taking photos only grew and he sometimes went up to the mountains by mule with photo gear and supplies. His role in the club grew rapidly and the club became a critical role in his photography career. He also got involved into the park politically

  • Essay On Grand Canyon

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    heart and soul With the entire park basically being one big scenic viewpoint, it’s not hard to find outstanding views on your own. However there are a few