How Did Theodore Roosevelt Influence Presidents

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What Was Theodore Roosevelt’s Inspiration to Create National Parks/Monuments/Sanctuaries and How Did It Motivate Presidents After Him? I chose this question about Theodore Roosevelt because of his infatuation with nature. President Roosevelt had many accomplishments with nature bound topics and I am interested in learning what inspired him to do them. President Roosevelt went on a number of expeditions and I wonder what inspirations he gained on those trips. Also, I wanted to know how presidents after Theodore Roosevelt were affected by his structures. I want to know if there were any more monuments or parks created by other presidents. In the future, I plan on visiting some of the national structures created and I would like to know the …show more content…

I began with researching his childhood to find his inspiration. When Theodore was younger, he would go on family trips and would love to explore the wild. When he was eight years old, he found a skull of a seal. He was so fascinated with it that they put it in the museum. They opened their museum when Theodore was only fourteen years old. This is, what I believe, sparked his imagination and became his inspiration for conservation with the national structures. After this trip, he collected numerous birds from Egypt and Syria, which he put into his sanctuaries. He even turned his room into a virtual zoological lab. A quote from my source says, “He would pursue his interests in nature relentlessly for the rest of his life—a pursuit that would impact America’s wild places for decades beyond his death”. This quote is surely proven throughout his life. As Theodore grew older, he began hunting. He later realized that the animals in the wilderness can only suffer so much. He joined a group that was organizing the conservation of game and its habitat. This group grew into one of the most influential of game conservations (“Theodore Roosevelt and the Environment”). All this information of his life involving nature relates to the question. Theodore was young and fascinated with animals and outdoors. These family trips ended up sparking something that made him want to do more. It led Theodore to joining organizations and building sanctuaries and other national parks/monuments. Conservation of nature and land is a decision Theodore made that impacted our nation strongly and it was continued by presidents that succeeded

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