Theodore Roosevelt's Accomplishments

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Many people made their mark in the world, etching their names into history. Our 26th president, Theodore Roosevelt, is one of those people. Many people seem to appreciate his presidency the most in terms of his lifespan. However, throughout Theodore Roosevelt’s life, his earliest years are when he was in his prime because it built him into the man people love, he discovered what his passions truly were, and the other decades are worse by comparison. To begin, Theodore Roosevelt wasn’t always the man you see in the white house. He was born into a family of six: his parents, a younger brother, and older sister, a younger sister, and himself. He was born a very sickly child, with asthma and all. Growing up, he loved education, even though he …show more content…

“He traveled widely through Europe and the Middle East with his family during the late 1860s and early 1870s, once living with a host family in Germany for five months. In 1876, he entered Harvard College, where he studied a variety of subjects, including German, natural history, zoology, forensics, and composition. He also continued his physical endeavors, taking on boxing and wrestling as new pursuits” ("Theodore Roosevelt: Life Before the Presidency"). As he traveled to those foreign countries, he saw many sights which changed his perspective on the world. During his college years at Harvard, he shifted from wanting to be a scientist, then a lawyer, then finally decided to go into politics, and that was a rewarding final change. Succeeding his youth was Roosevelt’s future, and it sure was a bright one. Even though what he did in his later effects had a bigger impact, nothing would compare to the challenges Roosevelt faced in his primary years. Roosevelt’s early political appearances were after the death of both his mother and wife. “A double tragedy struck Roosevelt in 1884, when his mother and his wife died in the same house on the same day ("Theodore Roosevelt: Life in Brief"). Roosevelt’s depression caused him to move away from the city and into a more rural land. Poor Theodore, having to suffer such loss

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