Summary Of Theodore Roosevelt's Conservation As A National Duty

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Theodore Roosevelt: “Conservation As A National Duty” introduces the problem of the lack of natural resources, and how are we going to fix the problem for future generations? Roosevelt makes connection between conservation and progress,patriotism,and morality of the American people by putting different people since or point of view of other people and himself to not waste our natural resources. He uses other people 's point of view by asking and using other people 's feeling about the crisis that they are in the middle of right now. (Stated in paragraph 3) “so vital is this question,that for the first time in our history the chief executive officers of the states separately,and of the states together forming the nations,have have met to consider. Now they are getting more people to stare helping so that they can start saving their natural resources.(Paragraph 8) “We can not do any of these things without foresight,and we can not,when the nation becomes fully civilized and rich unless the nation shows more foresight than we are showing at this moment as a nation. If we start thinking about the future we will be able to conserve the resources we need to live. To do that we will have to start now.(paragraph 9) Every step of the progress of mankind is marked by the discovery of the use of natural resources previously. Now that means every thing they do with their natural resources will have to marked down in history because that could be the last one of its kind. We need to

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