Essay On Canadian Culture

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Introduction: When we think about culture, we automatically associate it with all of the stereotypes that are known. However, many of us never actually take the effort to find out the true culture of a place, which is why when we go to other countries we are clueless as to the culture and its practices. I believe that it is important to learn about the culture and any relevant information about a country before going there, which is why I have decided to look into the culture of the country Canada and its social practices. The country of Canada is in the continent of North America and it is well known for the friendly culture and open minded citizens. A general description of the culture: Previously, the culture of Canada throughout the country was heavily influenced by the British and the French and their own indigenous people [Loue, S; Sajatovic, M; 2011]. However, as times have progressed, the culture has also progressed to incorporate the immigrant cultures. Today, Canada is known throughout the world as a multicultural, diverse, and very progressive country [Mooney Cotter, A; 2011]. The immigration of people from all over the world has …show more content…

The latter is far from the truth. The Canadian culture is that everyone deserves to be treated with kindness, respect and dignity. All the sectors in Canada aim vigorously to upkeep the culture of Canada which in a way is a human developed one and is derived from many cultures around the world. Canada has had great influence from many cultures which is why Canada is known as the most multicultural country in the world. In a way, the culture of Canada should be the culture of humans everywhere. However, in many other countries people have used their differences to make others feel inferior. This is why the Canadian culture is an example to other countries and is accepting of

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