Homelessness Of Indigenous People

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The indigenous people have a long and proud history, including the rich cultural and spiritual traditions. However, many of these traditions have been changed or even disappeared after the arrival of the European settlers. Forced introduction of European culture and values, Aboriginal community, indigenous land being deprived, and the imposition of a period of governance outside the pattern of the beginning of a cycle of social, physical and spiritual destruction. You can see the effects of today. Some of the effects include poverty, poor health, and drug abuse. The basis of these problems is a loss of identity and a sense of knowing that their values are oppressed, and their rights are ignored. Likewise, non-indigenous Canadians have become increasingly aware of the unfairness of the richness of indigenous and aboriginal cultures that are taking place. …show more content…

Indigenous people are restricted to small lands without the establishment of a plan, infrastructure, or economy. The destruction of the traditional way of life, combined with the lack of organization, the establishment of reserves lead to poor people to prepare. Many indigenous people died due to the lack of housing, food, health care, and money. In order to make the problem worse, the Canadian government put forward strict restrictions on the relief efforts of the reserve, resulting in a higher level of

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