Fahrenheit 451 Unit 2 Source 2 Analysis

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Source 1 is a political cartoon that depicts Hitler’s rule in Nazi Germany in 1936. The cartoonist portrays Hitler standing proudly and doing the Nazi salute while proclaiming that he has “restored honour and freedom to the German people.” In 1936, Adolf Hitler contravened the Treaty of Versailles and sent thousands of troops to Rhineland, which is to be a demilitarized land and refused to pay the reparations. By doing so, Hitler appealed to the German people who felt that the treaty, including the War Guilt Clause, was a source of shame to the country and he quickly rose to power. Additionally, Hitler rose Germany out of poverty and reduce unemployment drastically. The majority of the German people, as portrayed in the source, therefore looks …show more content…

Trudeau envisions Canada as composed of “diverse cultures” living in mutual respect, support and by sharing the nation in peace and in justice. Through bilingualism and the Multiculturalism Policy in 1971, Trudeau attempts to strengthen the national identity of Canada as a multicultural nation. At the same time, it encourages Canadians to embrace aspects of collectivism such as cooperation and collective interest.Trudeau further emphasizes the need for collectivism by stating that it is not regional barriers that will strengthen the economy but rather the bilingualism and the sharing of land such as crown like like national parks. While collectivism was emphasized through bilingualism and the Multiculturalism Policy in 1971, individualism was emphasized through the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Embedded on the Constitution Act 1982, the CCRF is based on liberalist ideas and therefore guarantees Canadians their rights and freedoms such as equality rights and the right to life, liberty and security no matter their ethnicity and background. Trudeau also claimed that every person should be free to “fulfill himself or herself to the utmost,”. This claim as well as the CCRF embraces individualistic ideologies such as the rule of law, rights and freedoms, and self-interest. Thus, the prime minister encourages both aspects of collectivism and individualism and attempts to inspire Canadians and stimulate national pride and strength and to gain support to his policies. While it includes both aspects of collectivism and individualis, Trudeau is essentially a pro-liberal in that he emphasize that the source of power of a nation depends on the citizens themselves rather than a single person or an elite group. Additionally, as he states that government is “arbitrary” and a hindrance, Trudeau endorses government non-intervention as the true liberalism. While Canadians are suffering from inflation and

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