Cultural Differences Between China And Canada

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In this day and age, today’s countries and their cultures are immensely different and unique in comparison to each other. China and Canada are no exceptions. The Chinese, known for their famous silk production and their Great Wall of China, hold an impressive history ranging over 5000 years. Canada on the other hand, has only been in the game for 150 years. The British colonization in 1867 had a major impact on the First Nations and has left a serious mark on their community. From cultures to everyday life to the government, these nations hold very unique traits that separate them apart. To start with, their cultures are drastically contrasting. There is definitely a noticeable difference between the two countries in terms of religious beliefs. Chinese art is greatly influenced by the country’s rich spiritual and mystical history. …show more content…

Overloaded and ever-so-busy streets filled with polluted air is the most common sight you’ll see in China. The constant pressure of stressful school years and difficulties of work leave citizens overworked. For example, the average student in China spends over 3 hours of their day on homework, many finishing the workload by 11:00 Pm. On the other hand, Canada seems to be more relaxed and easy going. Schools allow the prosperity of creativity and give students the chance to choose their courses to suit their needs. There are those who argue that Chinese immigrants often travel to Canada, choosing clear, blue skies rather than grey pollution. Not only is pollution a major factor, but the benefits and the increased rights make Canada the more favourable option. Taking everything into consideration, the differences between these two countries, whether it is their culture, social structure, government or their way of life, is what makes them Canada and China. One must realise that they should be proud of the land that they live in, even if another country seems to be more

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